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Electronics Repair

We have experienced technicians and thousands of satisfied customers.

The best prices

Our repeat and referral customer base continues to exceed our expansion projections.

Guaranteed jobs

We are the best home appliance repair technicians. Since our beginning in 1993, Arts Appliance Service.

We are professionals

Art’s Appliance Service specializes in affordable, same day appliance repair for a variety of major home appliances

We are qualified for this type of work because of that

Art's Appliance Services your money back, 100% guaranteed.
  • Arts Appliance Service utilizes fully stocked vehicles and a high-tech dispatch system, allowing us to repair any broken home appliance within a single trip.

  • Art’s Appliance Service offers the most competitive prices in the industry. Our affordable home appliance repair

  • Visit Art’s Appliance Service homepage for a free report about your broken appliance, or contact us to speak to a representative about your future home appliance repair.

Art's Appliance Services 661-822-8472
Art's Appliance Services 661-822-8472
Art's Appliance Services 661-822-8472